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136, Chui ave

+996 312 66-11-40

About us

The «Cyclone» Restaurant was opened in order to hand down an ancient Italian tradition to the residents and guests of Bishkek city.

The «Cyclone» Italian Restaurant is in the Center of Bishkek city for over 20 years and for this period have had time to achieve plenty of regular guests. Not so long ago for their greater joy, renewed an interior in the premises. General democracy of atmosphere, common for Italian restaurants, affected the menu of “Cyclone”. There you could see more than twenty kinds of pasta and tasty pizza in all of its diversity, Risotto and homemade raviolis, classic Italian dishes and interesting special offers from the head chief in which were considered honorable even by gourmets from Italy itself.

“Cyclone” – Is a place where you can feel the Italian hospitality, friendly atmosphere with personnel and of course our amazing traditional Italian cuisine.